3 Ways to Optimize Your Video Advertising Strategy on Facebook

3 Ways to Optimize Your Video Advertising Strategy on Facebook

To make your video a memorable experience for users, keep it short and sweet, and make sure your witty captions are legible.

Historically, Facebook videos have been free of advertisements; but then came last year’s announcement that pre-roll ads would play before videos within Facebook’s Audience Network. And that started brands exploring new ways to leverage video on the platform.

Now, Facebook videos will contain mid-roll ads, too. After a few seconds, YouTube allows users to skip ads that play before its videos, but Facebook’s mid-roll ads can be inserted into any video that’s 90 seconds long or more. These ads start to play after 20 seconds. So, if viewers want to finish the video, they need to sit through the mid-roll ad.

With this exciting development, both platform and content creators can fully capitalize on the boom in streaming video.

While understanding your audience will help you maximize the relevance of your ads and make every view count, here are some simple elements to boost the power and reach of your Facebook video ad:

1. BIG fonts

Using larger graphics and fonts is critical. This is especially true on mobile devices (where Facebook has a strong hold), where tiny graphics and text are almost illegible. 

2. Short is the new black

Keep video ads to no more than 15 seconds, if possible. Although that brevity may not feel possible, it is, and the struggle is worth the reward. Just because a video is short doesn’t mean it’s devoid of valuable information. Highlight your target market, your product and where to buy it. If it’s still in the pipeline, let people know when it will be available, and briefly touch on why they should want it or what need it will satisfy. 

3. Indirect pitches hit more targets

Focus on how you can solve people’s problems instead of installing “click me” buttons. Make a list of five real-life benefits your product or service will give customers. Then, bring them to life in the video to connect viewers with the feeling they’ll get from using it. 

At this point, the video-advertising arena on Facebook is getting crowded, and that’s an excellent barometer of the success companies are seeing on the platform. So, now, the challenge of any Facebook video campaign has become to quickly grab attention with a compelling narrative and stirring visuals, all in a matter of seconds.