4 Ways to Use IGTV for your Business

4 Ways to Use IGTV for your Business

IGTV and Instagram are two separate apps, like Facebook Messenger and Facebook. The IGTV platform is designed for sharing and watching long-form videos. It’s similar to Instagram Stories, only your videos stay forever on your channel. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long. For larger and verified accounts, they can be up to 60 minutes.

IGTV is a game-changer for content creators to leverage their video content. And like Instagram Stories, you can add a Swipe Up call to action in your videos.

Below you'll find some creative ideas for your Instagram TV videos.

1.  Reach a New Audience With Previously Published Video Content

 IGTV provides the perfect opportunity to reuse your popular video content and give it new life. You can repurpose horizontal videos you’ve posted on YouTube and Facebook, or live-stream recordings. Short tips and listicles are always great for sharing so repurpose your blog posts into IGTV videos as well.

2.  Feature Loyal Customer Stories and Input to Build Social Proof

Nothing is more persuasive to consumers than customers talking about why they love your brand. Take a chance and spotlight some of your loyal customers on IGTV. Invite them to be featured in the video and let them tell viewers why they love your products or services.

3.  Build a Niche Audience With Exclusive Content

Sharing exclusive content with viewers will help you build a dedicated audience for your IGTV channel. Giving your audience regular doses of appealing insider content can help viewers develop an emotional connection to your business.

The content you share could be behind-the-scenes videos that show product development, production, and distribution. The best thing is that these videos don’t require extra editing. People love to view authentic content.

4.  Deliver Tutorial Videos to Highlight Product Features

Many businesses use IGTV to integrate their products with instructional content like webinars, how-to’s, and tutorial videos. Educational videos are always a good way to introduce your products and they don’t have an expiration date (unless you frequently update your product).

To take your videos to the next level, teach followers something new about your business and allow them to follow what you’re doing in real time. No matter what you’re offering—wines, champagne or cooking tips —the feature-length tutorial format allows you to build a library of evergreen video content.

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