5 Effective Social-Media Tools That Will Save You Time

5 Effective Social-Media Tools That Will Save You Time

Most small businesses juggle several social media accounts at once, and with great difficulty.

SocialBro: "The number-one marketing platform for Twitter," SocialBro maps community engagement on a simple graph. This is a tool made for businesses with the goal of monetizing their followings. A 15-day free trail is offered.


LikeAlyzer: As the name suggests, LikeAlyzer analyzes Facebook pages, generating reports highlighting areas for improvement. This tool is an invaluable resource for businesses new to social media. The page-rank section allows business to see how they stack up against similar brands and by industry standards.

Curalate: Useful on Instagram and Pinterest, Curalate monitors conversations about brands, products and services, providing vital information to businesses. Curalate identifies potential brand advocates and influential followers.

Tripit: An older application, Tripit centralizes business-trip information including hotel and flight details and dinner reservations. Tripit enables users to share their itineraries on LinkedIn to make the most out of their journeys.

PicMonkey: The image-sharing site Pinterest boasts 70 million users worldwide and it’s growing exponentially. PicMonkey is a free online image editor that removes the need for businesses to invest in Photoshop.

(Credit: http://www.entrepreneur.com/ )