5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

More than 70 million new photos are uploaded to Instagram daily, so how can you make your images stand out?

If you approach a photo shoot like a brand journalist, your Instagram feed can achieve visual victory. Try these techniques:

1. Tell a story. 
This is the single most important thing an Instagram photo should do.

2. Create a shot list. 
Treat an Instagram photo like any other piece of content. Make a pre-production shot list that includes how and where you’ll capture the image, along with any props you might need.

3. Move around to find your best location. 
Smartphones have great cameras, but their lenses are limited.

4. Be unpredictable. 
A shot that is less commonplace often means the difference between your target audience scrolling past your photo or engaging with it.

5. Keep shooting. 
Even if you think you’ve captured your ideal image, snap a few more photos. It’s exceedingly frustrating to be editing photos and realize you don’t have the shots you need.