7 Tips for Effective Visual Content Marketing

7 Tips for Effective Visual Content Marketing

Content shared on social media tends to be more visual due to high engagement levels and amplification when it includes photos, videos, memes and infographics. According to a Citrix Report, nearly two thirds of the posts on social media use visual content,  since it ignites viewers’ imagination and enables brands to provide a positive experience, and social media users are more likely to micro and visual content.

Here are 7 tips you can use to create powerful visual content and instantly connect with your audience.

Tip 1: Personalize your message

Identify your audience, their problems, and showcase the special features and capabilities offered by your product or service.

Tip 2: Be Useful
Listen to your customers from their FAQs, popular discussion topics and issues they care about. Social Media listening tools can provide great insight.

Tip 3: Show the end result achieved by your product or service

Tip 4: Show how easy it is to use your product or service

Tip 5: Humanize your content
Find out how your product or service impacts the lives of your customers. Create visual content to show how it fits into your customers’ life.

Tip 6: Craft a story
Identify the end goal you are trying achieve with your content, the ideas you want to inspire in a viewer’s mind and the actions you want them to take. Create a coherent visual content around them.

Tip 7: Leverage your existing content
Identify your written content that is popular with your customers and adapt it into multiple visual forms such as Infographics, slides or images


(Smart Insights)