7 Useful tools from Google to boost your business

7 Useful tools from Google to boost your business

Some of these you may be familiar with, some may be unknown, what they have in common is that they boost your online presence, brand and digital marketing.

1. Google My Business
If your business is brick and mortar, the first thing to do is get set up on Google Places. This ensures your business will show up prominently on searches and on Google Maps. Potential customers will readily find your hours, website and other key information.

2. Google Adwords

With Adwords, you can set an advertising budget for your business and then target certain geographic areas and keywords. Your ads will show up in search results.

3. Google Analytics

Using this free service gives you a good look at exactly how visitors are finding your website and how they’re using it. You can analyze the effectiveness of your Adwords campaign, in addition to a host of other customizable factors.

4. Google Maps
There’s a lot more to Google Maps beyond having a listing through Google My Business. The maps can be customized and shared with your customers, which is especially useful for companies with various locations or properties to show.

5. Think With Google
Google’s “digital cheat sheet” looks at the latest marketing trends through articles, case studies and infographics, you can sign up to the newsletters of areas you are interested in.

6. Google Alerts

Specify the keywords you want results for, and then Google will send you links to the newest content containing those keywords.

7. Google Trends

Search a keyword related to your company and then see the word’s popularity over time in Google searches.