8 automated email campaigns that improve the customer journey

8 automated email campaigns that improve the customer journey

Once you’ve got customers buying from you, email is your best opportunity to increase their customer lifetime value.

Automating your email campaigns allows you to get ahead of the competition, automatically. It frees your team from repetitive tasks and enables you to use intelligent personalization without breaking a sweat.

 Here are eight campaigns you can easily implement to hit the ground running.

1. Welcome

It’s your opportunity to introduce your brand in bite-sized chunks. Show new subscribers what you’re about, what they can buy from you, and why they’d want to.

2. Introductory offer

Send an automated introductory offer to incentivize those that weren’t persuaded to purchase by your welcome campaign.

3. Thank you

Sending a confirmation email is a must when someone has completed a purchase/booking, but these emails don’t have to simply be functional. Adding a thank you message to a fulfillment email is a great way to improve your customer experience and build rapport.

4. How to

Once your customers have received their new purchase, send them an automated email to show them how to get the most from it. This automation is another post-purchase marketing tactic that helps combat buyer’s remorse.

5. Feedback

Setting up an automated email that asks for feedback is a no-brainer. Not only does the act of asking for feedback create positive sentiment; the feedback itself helps you optimize your offering.

6. Product recommendation

Product recommendations are a marketer’s secret weapon to pump up profits. Automated emails that recommend products based on what customers have browsed or bought before is an effective way to cross-sell and upsell.

7. Sale countdown

Sale countdowns are the perfect email automation to create a sense of anticipation or urgency around your sale. Countdown timers are a visually engaging element to add to these emails that are sure to grab your customer’s attention.

8. Re-engagement

There will always be some sleeping subscribers in your email list. Wake them up with a re-engagement email automation. Set these up to be triggered once someone has failed to engage with a certain number of emails, depending on your frequency. Discounts are a great way to re-engage people with your brand.

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