8 Writing Strategies for People Who Say They Can't Write

8 Writing Strategies for People Who Say They Can't Write

To help you work through writer's block, consider the strategies below. 

1. Lose the “I'm just not a writer” syndrome. Everyone has the potential to be a writer. You can be a writer. Tell yourself, “I am absolutely capable of writing.”

2. Don’t wait for perfect words. If every sentence has to be a flawless work of art, then you will sit in fear. Know that once you have started, you can go back and revise what you have. But until you start, you will never know where you are trying to go.

3. Talk to yourself - out loud. Allow yourself that freedom in your writing process. If that’s hard to do, talk out loud to yourself to get the thoughts flowing.

4. Move words, sentences, paragraphs around the page like pieces of a puzzle. For those overwhelmed by the amount of ideas banging around in their head, jot the ideas down, one by one, in a loose cross between thought-notes and an organizational outline. Then, you can slowly work your way down your list.

5. Crystallize your point into a few words. 

6. Rid yourself of the Internet. Eliminate distractions by going offline and opening a document that only allows you to write on your computer desktop. Also, having a very specific physical routine associated with writing helps some people get into the writing groove.

7. Don’t get stuck by letting yourself think that you have to start at the beginning. Just because they call it the introduction does not mean that you have to start at the beginning. If you know what you want the middle paragraph to be, then start there.

8. Set deadlines for yourself.  And stick to them.

(Credit: http://www.entrepreneur.com/ )