Four ways brands build loyalty & engagement without offers and discounting

Four ways brands build loyalty & engagement without offers and discounting

It's often said that it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Because of this, many marketers have been tasked with developing engagement and loyalty programmes. Here are four tips on how to achieve greater customer longevity without using offers or discounts:

1. Fix customers' problems

By keeping a close eye on the whole customer journey and ensuring that any problems are dealt with quickly and to the level of customer satisfaction, companies can secure a loyal and repeat business from their customers. Also, as we live in an era where a bad review or a negative tweet can cause endless problems for the company, a company looking to start a loyalty programme should first of all focus on solving their customers' problems before trying anything else.


2. Empower employees

Another way that companies keep customers engaged without showering them with discounts is that they empower employees so that they can improve the overall customer experience. It is vital it is that employees understand their customers.


3. Aim to remain relevant across the whole customer lifecycle

One way of keeping in touch with customers is to capture data points across the whole customer lifecycle and identify drop-off points. Then, when you do find them, you can come up with strategies to keep customers coming back. Brands should aim to provide the information and help customers need, whether they are new or long-term users so that they continue to visit the website, open emails, and keep the brand as their preferred provider.


4. Create mind-blowing experiences

Brands can keep customers coming back by being creative and offering experiences they will not have elsewhere. These types of 'mind-blowing' customer experiences can organically build loyalty and engagement.