Going viral via augmented reality

Going viral via augmented reality

Did you know?

·The most common reason to access the internet is for emails (75%), finding information about goods and services comes second (73%), while 54% of all adults use it for social networking daily, so social media sites are in fact being viewed and used daily

·According to Ofcom Q1 2014, the most popular social media sites in the UK are, YouTube (40 million unique audience) Facebook (35.1m), Twitter (11.9m), LinkedIn (11.3m), Google+ (8.8m)

·Amongst other technological innovations such as 3D printing or wearable devices, Apps for augmented reality is set to grow in 2015

-The technology allows one to view computer-generated information that may include sound, video, graphics or GPS data over real-world environment, such as a street with restaurants. The software can overlay functions as restaurant reservation or information about special offers and events. The graphical interface is linked with elements from the surrounding environment and presented in real time. The advanced technology and sensors used in mobile devices allow for the information on the screen to become interactive and complete the surroundings