How does brand affect your SEO ranking?

How does brand affect your SEO ranking?

·      Brand Increases TRUST and Makes People Click

First, it's important you understand that Google algorithms are designed to push webmasters towards creating user-centric content as opposed to SEO-centric content. One thing that people readily recognize is a brand. You’ll surely be inclined to click on  a brand you’ve seen before. The reason is simple; you trust these brands and their information. That's brand recall.

·      How Does Trust Increase SEO Ranking?

Google recognizes user behavior and gives authoritative websites a boost. Even though Google crawlers don’t directly recognize brands, the user behavior guides Google to rank the brands higher. Therefore, gaining users' trust makes a huge difference.

·      Brand Opens Gates of Traffic from Various Channels

Such as email, social media, referrals, paid search and direct links.  People more likely to click on the links, share and forward your content if they trust the brand.

·      Brand is the Future of Link Building

Google will look at the specific search queries that are leading users to a particular website. This will be used by Google to measure the brand’s popularity