How interactive emails can help you to convert

How interactive emails can help you to convert

Emails are static most of the time, you send your subscribers fixed content, they read it, click on it to go to a webpage or landing page if your content captured their attention. However, interactive email opens up amazing potential for marketers to engage and connect with subscribers in ways they’ve never been able to before.


What are interactive emails?

Interactive emails are messages that your subscribers can click on to change or alter the content within the email itself, even after the message is delivered to the inbox. The content can also update each time they open the email, these emails act like a webpage. Interactive content allows you to send emails that are more engaging.


3 examples of interactive content


1. Carousel

With a carousel, your subscribers can click to navigate through different images, products, or blog posts in your emails. If you have multiple pieces of content to display in your email, you can use a carousel to save space and enhance the design of your message.


2. Accordions

When a subscriber clicks on an accordion, a section of the email will expand to show more content. You can use accordions to give subscribers the option to see additional information within your email.


3. Sidebar

A sidebar is like a website or app navigation menu. If you’d like to give subscribers the option to navigate to different webpages, use a sidebar.

These are some basic tips on how to increase engagement within your newsletter.  Evidently, opening rates and conversion will depend on your database, segmentation, subject line and product or offer. However, interactive emails can help you stand out from your competiton and increase engagement, click rates and eventually, conversion.