How to convert from your landing pages

How to convert from your landing pages

While businesses often focus on getting the word out to consumers, they often fail to give the same attention to setting up the best trail of breadcrumbs. Landing pages are key to conversion, and if your snappy email sends people to a confusing or bland landing page, you won't get your visitors to answer your call to action.

The best landing pages load quickly, send a clear message, and eliminate barriers to interaction that would otherwise prevent visitors from converting.

1. Load time

The modern Internet user has an attention span of about eight seconds. If your page requires too much focus from your site’s visitors, you’ll struggle to convince them to do anything but close the page and go elsewhere. For every second your page takes to load, say goodbye to 7 percent of your conversions.

2. Clear message

Every good landing page must have a clear and prominent call to action. If users are interested in the content but have to search the page to determine next steps, your conversions will drop sharply.

3. Eliminate barriers

Optimization and tracking tools can be used to great effect, tweaking your landing page to get maximum value from each visitor.

For starters, every page on your site should use Google Analytics for page view tracking and goal or conversion tracking to keep metrics of landing page success. CrazyEgg is a high-quality resource for analyzing click tracking, while LookTracker conducts eye-tracking tests to see which elements your users focus on and which ones they ignore. Merging your click data and eye data will paint a picture of how to optimize your landing page.