How to create a customer journey map in a simple excel sheet for bars and restaurants

How to create a customer journey map in a simple excel sheet for bars and restaurants


I planned to review the customer journey to see if there are any opportunities I am missing when it comes to sales and marketing, conversion and increasing loyalty. I couldn't find a simple template anywhere online, especially not for bars or restaurants, so I created one that I think is the simplest way to review if there is a gap in the experience you offer to your customers.


I created this Excel template, to assist me, and hopefully you, in looking at your business with a fresh set of eyes, and experience it from the customer's point of view.


I've included here a screen shot of this; if you email me on I'll be happy to send you the actual template in an Excel sheet.


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What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the process a customer or prospect goes through to achieve a goal with your venue. With the help of a customer journey map, you can get a sense of your customers' motivations, their needs and pain points.

By understanding what your customers' motivations are, you can understand how to structure your touch points to create the most effective and efficient process for your customers, increasing conversions and loyalty at the same time.

Before creating your customer journey map, you need to first collect data from your customers and prospects. There isn’t a template or a structure to this, just spend a week looking at your customers coming through the door, ask them in person if it is not too invasive, or look at all the online data available to you through your own website, social channels, newsletter database as well as 3rd party websites.

Try to find how your customers heard about you, where they know you from, if they have been here before, who else they considered visiting, note down where they live, work, age range if you can, every bit of information can help!


Here are the steps to considering when filling in various stages of your customer journey map:


  • List out all the touch points

Each venue has their advantages and limitations. Think through and write down the stages of your customers may be going through. It’ll be different to a small town restaurant whose customers would not necessarily go online to find a venue, to one in a shopping centre or on the high street.

  • Set clear objectives for the map

What goals are you directing this map towards? Who is it specifically about? What experience is it based upon?

  • Profile your personas and define their goals

Based on this, you may want to create a buyer persona. This is a fictitious customer with all of their demographics and psychographics who represents your average customer. Having a clear persona is helpful in reminding you to direct every aspect of your customer journey map towards them.

  • Take the customer journey yourself for each of the personas

If you’ve picked your top 3-personas/target markets, go through each of their journey, so you can review through their experiences and your current systems in place.

  •  Identify opportunities and actions you have to take

Once you see the gaps in your processes, you can identify opportunities for each department and create an action plan for your managers based on these criteria. You can set up your KPIs and quarterly reviews to ensure this is updated and reviewed regularly in the pace the market and competition changes.



In today’s competitive and ever-changing market, customers don’t care so much about discounts, but experiences. So it is important when reviewing you marketing plans you place your staff first, as they are the face, voice and full representation of your brand, followed by creating an experience your customers desire, so they will return to you instead of your competitors, over and over again.


I hope you found this summary useful, if you have any questions or comments, please drop me an email, I would love to hear your thoughts.