How to create effective Social Media Adverts

How to create effective Social Media Adverts

The most important aspect before launching your ad campaigns is to align your marketing objectives with your advertising strategy. Is is traffic and lead generation, or higher conversion rates? If the first focus on better quality content, if the latter, focus on promotions and retargeting.

What channels to use?


With over 1.4 billion users and over 900 million visits a day — Facebook has the largest audience available, which makes it a fit for businesses large and small. In addition, Facebook has the most sophisticated data (based on demographics, behavioural, interest) to land a well-targeted, successful campaign. What's more, you can upload your business database and target an audience who is familiar with your business already. Advertisers can create “lookalike” audiences from your custom audiences to target similar Facebook users who have a higher propensity to convert. 


Now boasting 400 million users, as of April 2016, Instagram is a more popular channel than Twitter or Snapchat. Despite the fact that you can easily select the same ads to be shown on Facebook and Instagram at this level, you should keep your ads separate. The two platforms are very different and you should think about how the audience and experience differs.Instagram is a visually driven platform, so make sure your ads look authentic and fit in with the user-generated content that exists in your audience's feed. Instagram is often seen as better fit for lifestyle and creative industries like fashion, food and fitness. 


Twitter’s ad platform is not as advanced as Facebook. Demographic, behavioural and interest-based targeting options are available, but they are more limited than other platforms. However, one of Twitter’s major advantages is the ability to target specific keywords and hashtags. Advertisers can target people who have tweeted using a specific hashtag with their ads. This allows very specific, targeted content to be delivered to people who are actively engaging with a topic on Twitter.

How to create effective adverts? 

Make it relevant

Social advertising is different to Adwords search advertising. Your Adwords campaigns are centered around demand fulfilment — targeting specific keywords that people are searching for right now. Social advertising is about demand generation, fulfilling a need your audience has even though they are not actively searching for it.

Make it visual 

The image is often the most important element of a social ad — it’s responsible for capturing your audience's attention when they are browsing a social network. So if you use Instagram make sure you use a powerful photo for example, not a well-designed advert image. 

Create engaging copy

Ad copy is limited and you have to make every character count, when you are writing your ad copy make sure to:

  • Be compelling
  • Communicate your value proposition
  • Be actionable

How do you measure success?

Clickthrough rate (CTR)

Your CTR indicates the relevance of your content to your audience and the quality of the traffic. If you have a low CTR, try narrowing your targeting or creating new ad designs.

Cost per conversion (CPC)

To calculate, divide the amount of money you have spent divided by the number of conversions resulted. This gives you views to whether your campaigns are profitable and allows you to project future spend.

Conversion rate

Looking at the conversion rate of the visits to your landing page from your ads gives a good idea of the quality of the clicks you are receiving and the performance of your landing page.