How to iron out your marketing automation strategy

How to iron out your marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation is the perfect tool for optimizing your conversion funnel.

Businesses strive to convert leads into valuable assets, by nurturing customers along their journey from awareness to conversion. Marketers call this a "conversion funnel", and marketing automation is all about making the best funnels possible.

A 2017 study by Regalix showed that marketing automation was driving up sales productivity by as much as 14.5% and reducing marketing overhead by 12.2%, with lead nurturing being one of the primary ways businesses use automation.


Naturally, each stage of the funnel is narrower than the previous. Not everyone who becomes aware of your offerings will be interested and not every interested party will want to buy, etc.

Conversion funnel stages and automation possibilities:

1. Awareness

Before starting your automation, you will want to collect as many leads as possible (more leads going to your funnel means more conversions coming out).

  • Create a gated content offer and every time a site visitor downloads your content, you will receive their email address, the email address of a new lead. Use this to trigger a conversion automation process.
  • Now that your leads are aware of your brand and have registered to hear more about your business, your products and your services, it’s time to let them in on just how great these are.

2. Consideration

Create a workflow with compelling messaging to nurture your leads and show them what is it you have to offer them:

  • Base your automated workflow on timing, personalization and segmentation, for instance, use segmentation (based on customer details gained in the awareness stage) to send individually tailored offers and promotions.
  • A/B test your campaigns as much as possible to raise your conversion rates even higher.

3. Decision 

  • Add clearly visible CTA buttons 
  • Send an incentive to entice your leads to convert, e.g. a discount on their next visit
  • Show off your reviews and feedback, highlighting what other customers have gained from your service.

4. Retention

  • Send a "thank you" email with helpful tips i.e. on fining your location
  • Follow up with an "onboarding" email that helps users begin using your offerings.
  • Send upsell and cross-sell offers, which can spin-off into new automation workflows.

A clearly defined funnel is a proven method for increasing conversions. Adding in automation will not only improve numerous business and financial metrics, but it will give your customers a more fluid and satisfactory experience.