How to maximise your email marketing

How to maximise your email marketing

Is email marketing dead? Quiet the opposite, especially when considering mobile email marketing! 

Smartphone habits of consumers indicate that reading email comes second only to making phone calls. Moreover, email is still responsible for at least twice as many online conversions than social media.

According to a GetResponse survey 42 percent of subscribers delete emails that don’t display correctly on mobile phones. This means that to leverage the awesome power of email, you must get mobile and can start with these tips:

1. The Layout

Mobile users are notorious for skimming emails, so utilize attention-grabbing images and copy. Keep plenty of space between links and white space between images, be “clear, big and simple to click” In other words, avoid what’s called “fat finger” syndrome.

2. The Copy

Keep it short and pay very close attention to the only three lines that matter: the “from” field, the subject line, and the first line of text.

3. The Code

Any email provider worth your time will allow you to create mobile-friendly emails without any technical hassles. Just be sure the provider’s “responsive templates” do more than simply resize your text.