How to set yourself up on TikTok

How to set yourself up on TikTok

Tik Tok is the first major social media network that started in China and then spread to the rest of the world. This expansion was expedited when they acquired at the end of 2017.

Because of this, the platform has an extremely international and diverse audience. If you spend more than a few minutes on TikTok, you’ll likely see videos from people in multiple countries and languages. The audience is also young; most users are younger than 30. 

Despite the rapid user growth, it’s still early days. If you would like to join the millions of users on Tik Tok, first, do your research to see if having a presence on this platform even makes sense for your business.

If your brand fits many of the following criteria, you may want to consider joining sooner rather than later:

  • Most of your target customers are younger than 35. While the app is starting to age up, the majority of users are Gen Zers and younger Millennials.
  • Your products are visually appealing and demonstrative.
  • You’re a musician or artist.
  • Your brand is trendy with a casual, fun, and “cool kid” vibe.
  • You have the resources (staff, budget, etc.) to be able to add another channel to your mix.

In order to set up an account, you have to download the App from the App store. When you create an account, TikTok will use AI to surface videos they think you may like on the For You feed, which is the default screen when you first log in. These suggestions get smarter as you spend more time on TikTok, which makes the app incredibly fun and addictive.

Creating videos 

If you’ve ever posted a story on Snapchat or Instagram, you’re likely to find the posting features on TikTok powerful, intuitive, and easy to use.

  • The upload screen gives you the option to create a 15-second or 60-second video. You can either upload an existing video that you recorded earlier or record something on the fly. Regardless of which option you choose, TikTok lets you add special effects, speed up or slow down the video, set a timer, and flip between your front and back smartphone camera.
  • One of the most popular features is the ability to layer sound on top of your video. You can either create your own audio mash-up or choose from thousands of options within TikTok’s library.
  • Once you’ve uploaded your video, you’ll be able to trim it right within the app.
  • In addition, you can add different filters, transitions, and other special effects as seen in this screenshot.
  • When you’ve finished creating your masterpiece and are ready to share it, you have the option to write a caption, add any relevant hashtags, and adjust your sharing settings.
  • Even though TikTok’s discovery is AI-based, hashtags still play a big role for users who are searching for content. It’s worth taking the time to do your research in advance so you choose the right hashtags. Two hashtags that you’ll see often are #foryou and #foryoupage. People use these hashtags to try to get on the main TikTok feed.
  •  Another feature unique to TikTok is the ability to do duets in React mode. You can record yourself alongside your video in a split-screen. This is one way to encourage more engagement with your videos and can be particularly effective with dance challenges.

While other social media sites block the ability to download other people’s videos, TikTok’s product team has made it easy to share videos elsewhere. By default, other people can share your content on other social media sites and group texting platforms, and even download full GIF and video versions of your content, all of which is watermarked. This practice gets the word out in an organic, seamless way.