Return from vacation blog post: Tips for eating well while traveling

Return from vacation blog post: Tips for eating well while traveling

Finding good food while traveling is not always easy — there may be language, navigation, or cultural differences that can make the whole process frustrating and disappointing. Among common problems, it’s always extremely difficult to avoid tourist traps, not to be lured by a good exterior hiding tasteless food, to find the right balance between price and quality. Here are a few tips I've learned:

1. Avoid landmarks

Even if the food can be good, it’s a surefire thing that you’re going to pay more for it.

2. Ask a local

They know where to find good food, and when they do, they’re always eager to recommend their best.

3. If it's crowded, it doesn't mean it's good

It always depends on the kind of crowd eating. It’s good to have a quick look around at the patrons: families, large groups go for convenience. Couples, small groups may be a good indication, generally they mean business and never go twice where the food wasn't up to their standards.

4. If it does it all, it’s probable that none of it is good

Good chefs use their talent to their best and master a few dishes to perfection. Quality over quantity.

5. The decoration counts

This one is not foolproof, but if a restaurant does not care about its looks, chances are it doesn't care about its food.