Social media trends for 2020

Social media trends for 2020

Trend 1: Influencer marketing will continue to persuade

The challenge of standing out in social channels is a constant battle for consumers’ attention and brands need to find new and different ways to generate awareness. According to GlobalWebIndex, nearly a fifth of internet users say they use social media to follow celebrities, climbing to a quarter of Gen Zers, where they are most effective.

The popularity of influencers means that 14% of digital consumers find out about new brands via celebrity endorsements, and another 14% through celebrity blog posts or product reviews, ranking above alternative sources of discovery such as cinema, radio, and newspapers.

Trend 2: Leverage richer visual and video based content

The rise in social commerce has been driven in part by younger consumers (Generation Z and Millennials in particular) who are looking for new, interesting and convenient ways to browse and shop online.

According to eMarketer, more than 55% of Gen Z internet users - who do half of their fashion shopping online - said their most recent fashion purchases were inspired by social media browsing.

Trend 3: Growth in private messaging services

In 2019, eMarketer expects 2.52 billion people worldwide, or 87.1% of smartphone users, will use a mobile messaging app at least once per month. 

This growth in the use of messaging apps, which includes Snapchat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, may further influence the way consumers engage with brands in a mobile environment.

The overall trend towards messaging apps and evolving business tools (such as Messenger Lead Ads Templates) indicate that this may be a key area of focus in 2020.

According to GlobalWebIndex, shoppers are increasingly making use of a multitude of channels when buying online and therefore social channels must be used in conjunction with – and complementary to – other commerce channels to provide a consistent consumer experience at every stage of the purchase journey.

So when looking at the tactics used for your integrated marketing plan for 2020, ensure you invest just as much resources and time into your social channels as you do in other channels, as per above, it can be a crucial tool when it comes to converting leads. 

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