Thinking of launching a charity partnership for the festive season?

Thinking of launching a charity partnership for the festive season?

Getting into charitable spirit over the Christmas season is becoming the norm within hospitality, but it is never easy to decide on who to give to, as there are so many organisations in need of our help. While we may decide to support a charity close to our location or heart, Marketing Week has published some interesting stats and info, on which organisations consumers are most likely to donate to.

Almost nine out of ten British adults have some kind of interaction with a charity, whether it be through volunteering, donating money or goods, or sponsoring someone. But what makes people give up their time or money? What are the issues they care most about?  Research from YouGov, which includes data from the Charities Aid Foundation 2019 UK Giving Report, sets out to answer these questions:

Almost three in 10 have never donated money

While the vast majority interact with charities or support them in some way, 29% have never given money to one. The most common reason is that they think charities spend too much money on administration rather than the causes they support. 

People care almost as much about animals as humans

The most common category of charity that people support, unsurprisingly, is health and medicine (32%), followed by almost as many people (27%) who given to an animal-related charity. These come just ahead of charities focusing on children and young people (25%).

Young people give time rather than money

Those aged 16 to 24 are much less likely than the average adult to donate money and goods to charity, and slightly more likely to give up their time. Only 46% have donated money in the past year (versus 57% of all UK adults).

In summary, consumers above the age 25 are more likely to donate money to health or animal charities, if they feel their donation will make a difference. To increase your 'conversion', you could create POS and online information cards on how exactly the money will be used, followed by social media updates during and at the end of the collection period. 

So before linking up with a charity this year, it is worth considering the above versus your actual clients, to ensure you make the most out of your campaign.

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