Why Facebook 'Dislikes' Can Be Good for Business

Why Facebook 'Dislikes' Can Be Good for Business

The upcoming Facebook Reactions launch which will allow users of the social media platform to express a wider array of emotions than merely approval. 

After years of Facebook users asking for more ways to express themselves besides "like," Facebook announced in early October that it would be adding six more options to let users rate posts. The new emotions - love, haha, yay, wow, sad, angry - aren't exactly as blatant as saying you dislike something. However, it does allow people to show a bit more of what they are feeling. It is being tested in Ireland and Spain, but will expand globally eventually, though the company hasn't yet said when.

Facebook has already provided a robust set of metrics about how a consumer interacts with a post, besides feedback like hiding and reporting posts as spam, from a consumer experience standpoint, it gives more ways for consumers to engage.

Businesses should not fear the negative reactions as those can be good for them, even if users won't always give a thumbs-up to their advertising campaigns.  As a businesses you don't want to be advertising to entities that are not human and don't want to be wasting your advertising budget on people who are not interested. Having that extra set of data is going to allow businesses to make smarter decisions and create better targeted messages.