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Marketing Professional
with passion for sustainability & sales

Personable, motivated and organised, with 12 years of experience in marketing, I assisted over 200 clients and businesses to achieve their marketing, branding, digital and revenue objectives, while managing projects, marketing and design teams as well as freelancers, suppliers, clients and stakeholders. 

Gabriella Daroczi

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I provide flexible marketing services for:


There is an increasing demand for experienced, agile marketing professionals to be a 'stop-gap', working within a company to keep things moving whilst there are internal team changes, or to run specific short and medium-term projects for the business. If you’re looking to find a viable alternative to permanent recruitment, I can provide temporary, ad hoc or project-based marketing support.


For small to medium sized businesses I offer strategic marketing advice, planning and delivery of the entire mix, both digital and offline. This monthly rolling marketing service is created for companies that require expert marketing support, but don’t have the resources to hire a full time marketer. 


The varied experience of directing my marketing agency (B2B) and managing marketing within established, large organisations (B2C) enables me to absorb and analyse information, then use the most suitable, integrated marketing strategies and tools to optimise brand, sustainability and sales opportunities. The practical knowledge of marketing tools empowers me to deliver overall business objectives and ROI within the desired timeframe while optimising internal and external resources. 


Why Global Lemon?

Digital marketing has a global reach, whilst lemon is considered a symbol of prosperity, longevity and freshness. On a personal note, I've lived and worked in three countries and am happy to network anywhere around the globe, whereas the can-do attitude of looking for the lemonade in the batch of lemons has always brought the biggest 'zest' in my career.

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